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Mrs Charlotte Crosse


A Southall

Mrs Anne Southall

Assistant Headteacher

Key Stage Two Phase Lead

Curriculum Co-ordinator

A Slater

Mrs Alison Slater


Teaching Staff

R O'Brien

Mrs R O’Brien

F2 Class Teacher

Early Years Phase Lead

Phonics and Early Reading Subject Co-ordinator

N Whitehead

Mrs N Whitehead

F2/Year 1 Class Teacher

Phonics & Earl Reading Subject Co-ordinator

Religious Education Subject Co-ordinator

Chaplaincy Subject Co-ordinator

RSE/PSHE Subject Co-ordinator

School Council/Eco-Team

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Mrs T Lambert

Year 1/2 Class Teacher

Key Stage One Phase Lead

Writing Subject Co-ordinator

Computing Subject Co-ordinator

Music Subject Co-ordinator

Class Dojo Mentor

F Wheat

Mrs F Wheat

Year 2 Class Teacher

Maths Subject Co-ordinator

C Whitmore

Mrs C Whitmore

Year 2 Class Teacher

D Broomhead

Mrs D Broomhead

Year 3 Class Teacher

Physical Education Subject Co-ordinator

E McClymont

Miss E McClymont

Year 3/4 Class Teacher

C Cummins

Mrs C Cummins

Year 4/5 Class Teacher

RSE/PSHE Subject Co-ordinator

Modern Foreign Languages Subject Co-ordinator

KS2 Reading Subject Co-ordinator

Chaplaincy Subject Co-ordinator

K Ramsell

Mrs K Ramsell

Year 4/5 Class Teacher

T Brown

Mrs T Brown

Year 5 Class Teacher

T Pereira

Miss T Pereira

Year 6 Class Teacher

Science Subject Co-ordinator

Teaching Assistants

Mrs C Asher – Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Duddy

Mrs C Cownley – Midday Supervisor

Mrs N Demetriou – After School Club

Mrs J Kong – Breakfast Club

Ms N Jobling

Miss R Kersten – Midday Supervisor

Mrs S Ahmed – Breakfast Club

Mrs S Sadikot

Miss L Ball – Midday Supervisor

Mrs B Lopés – Midday Supervisor

Mrs J Horne – Midday Supervisor

Mrs S Ali

Mrs P Shoker – Midday Supervisor

Miss L Wilson – Midday Supervisor

Miss S Keane – Breakfast and After School Club

Mrs M Sheikh – Midday Supervisor, Breakfast & After School Club

Support Staff

Mrs C O’Halloran – Office Manager, After School Club

Mrs D Bakewell – Administration Officer, After School Club

Mrs P Lunn – Administration Officer

Mrs B Rice – Midday Supervisor

Mrs J Martins Da Silva – Midday Supervisor, Breakfast & After School Club

Mrs K Nyszsczota – Midday Supervisor, Breakfast & After School Club

Mrs G Coleman – Midday Supervisor

Mrs M Santos – Midday Supervisor

Mr L Taylor – Premises Officer

Mrs P Kaur – Cleaner

Mrs S Trivedi – Cleaner, Kitchen Staff

Mrs K Peacock – Kitchen Staff

Mrs Washington – Kitchen Staff

Mrs Mugglestone – Kitchen Staff

Mrs T Burbela – Piano Accompanist / Music

Mr C Gowan – PE Coach