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At St. Thomas More,  we have adapted the 'Write Stuff'  by Jane Constantine to bring clarity to the mechanics of writing. The 'Write Stuff' follows a method called 'sentence stacking' which refers to the fact that sentences are stacked together and organised to engage children with short, intensive moments of learning that they can then immediately apply to their own writing.

This approach makes sure that all of our children are exposed to high quality texts that stimulate quality responses to reading, high quality writing and purposeful speaking and listening opportunities.

Our curriculum ensures that all children have plenty of opportunities to write for different purposes. We encourage writing through all curriculum areas and use quality reading texts to model examples of good writing.

St Thomas More Writing Curriculum Overview:


St Thomas More Spelling Overview:

From Year 2, our children are taught to spell using the 'No Nonsense Spelling Scheme'.

The focus of the programme is on the teaching of spelling, which embraces knowledge of spelling conventions – patterns and rules;  integral to the teaching is the opportunity to promote the learning of spellings, including statutory words, common exceptions and personal spellings.
The programme
• delivers a manageable tool for meeting the requirements of the 2014 National Curriculum.
• has a clear progression through blocks of teaching units across the year.
• comprehensively explains how to teach spelling effectively.

Spelling Curriculum overviews for each Year Group:

Year 2                Year 3                        Year 4                            Year 5                  Year 6