Year 3-

Mrs Broomhead and Mrs Gallagher

Welcome to our Lent term!

General Class information

The adults in the classroom are,

Mrs Broomhead, Mrs Gallagher, Mrs Keane, Mrs Ali and Mrs Sheikh.

Our P.E. days are Mondays and Thursdays.

Please come to school in full P.E. kit on those days.

Homework will be set each Friday and should be uploaded to your portfolio on Class Dojo.

Our learning this year!

Long Term Plan 2022-2023

Our  RE Topics for this term are:


Listening and Sharing

Giving All

Our History topic for this half term is: The Ancient Greeks

We will be learning about Greek life and achievements and their influence on the western world.

This unit builds on chronologically from the study of Ancient Egypt. It also elaborates on substantive concepts of power and democracy which were first developed in Year One in ‘Kings and Queens’ and ‘Parliament and Prime Ministers’, deepening children’s understanding. Children learn how Greeks from different city states lived, the Gods they worshipped and the stories they told of monsters, heroes, challenges and bravery. It equips them with an understanding of what a legacy is; how there are things in our lives, such as how we vote, words we speak, sports we participate in, stories we tell, that remain from an earlier time.

Our Reading for Pleasure book is:

Our Whole Class Reading book is:

Statutory spellings for Year 3 and 4

Spelling strategies you can use

A useful writing toolkit


Each week we think about and reflect on the theme from the NDCYS Extra-Ordo-Nary.  We also look at the feast days and special liturgical days we will be celebrating that week.  All of the Extra-Ordo-Nary documents for this year can be found here.

How many of these books can you read before the end of Year 4?